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Hydrapres Joint-Stock Company (S.A.) is a direct continuation of Hydrapres LLC, an engineering company with 30 years of experience in the field of stamping.
Hydrapres operates a business in three sectors:
•    Metal stamping
•    Machine construction and engineering
•    Construction of stamping tools and their maintenance
Hydrapres comprises of two plants: a Stamping Shop located in Solec Kujawski’s Industrial Park and Machine Construction Plant in Białe Błota.
Through the years of operation, the company has gathered a skilled and experienced crew of specialists, who can meet customer’s requirements. ISO/TS 16949 certification proves, that our production meets the highest quality standards in the industry. 
Hydrapres started designing and constructing machines in 1984. Back then the company’s offer comprised of hydraulic presses and hydraulic drives with hardware controls. The company build over a hundred hydraulic presses with force range from 100 up to 5000 kN. The presses were designed for both simple and complex technological processes including numerical control.
The range of products grew over time – the company started producing automated production lines and technological equipment for special tasks and purposes. Among others, the company designed and constructed automated production hub for pipe calibration for Bełchatów Coal Mine and central hydraulic station powering control of over a hundred milling machines for SKF bearings construction plant in Poznań.
Hydrapres started serial production and is an expert in delivering global solutions in the field of machine engineering and construction of peripheral equipment for injection moulding and stamping of synthetic materials. Hydrapres is the biggest Polish producer of material feeders, which are based on Hydrapres’ patented drive design. The company also offers transportation devices, driers, and injection moulding and thermoplastics manipulators.
Stamping shop is in continuous development since 1998 and is producing stamped metal elements, mostly for automotive industry, which are fully compliant with ISO/TS 16949. A new plant built in Solec Kujawski in 2006 guarantees high production capability and stability of production processes, meeting the highest logistics and delivery standards.
Complete offer of the company is backed up by a designing department working on the newest CAD/CAM software and well equipped tool shop, allowing the manufacturing and servicing of the most complicated and precise equipment.
Machine and tool construction is performed by Hydrapres’ sister company, Hydrapres MT LLC.